ardinale hotographic

I     I've been fascinated with photographs ever since I can remember.  I recall being very small at a day camp, and having one of the counselors photograph me with a Polaroid. It was Amazing,  I thought it was magic! Later I learned that it was Science and not Magic, but was no less enamored.


     From that point I spent my entire educational career studying light and chemistry, and bending them to execute images of beauty and  recreate a bit of that magic i felt in my childhood.


     After Matriculating with an MFA from the esteemed San Francisco Art Institute, I founded Cardinale Photographic and have been playing with light and making pretty ever since.


     I am available for assignment and contract photography, as well as offering digital tech and retouching services to other photographers and businesses. Please contact me using the form below for a rate card or a quote on your specific project.


     I'm Glad you're here.



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